Thanks for agreeing to film with us!

We’re excited to have you filming with us. Please read the following details so you understand what will happen before and after the podcast filming!

After confirming the recording date

– You will receive an invitation to the Open & Honest discord server. Then Charlie (Swayz CEO / Podcast Producer) will introduce you to the hosts.

– You will need to fill out our Podcast Release form by clicking here. If you have any questions regarding this, please reach out to Charlie via the email you were contacted on or email

– Producer will go through what topics/questions will be asked on the episode based on your response to the topics section on Release Form.

Before the podcast filming

– We ask that you join the call ten minutes before your scheduled filming time. This is so we can do some microphone/sound checks. If you have any headphones, please use them to stop any echos which may occur otherwise.


– Hosts will have already filmed the intro, so you will have time to introduce yourselves and promote anything you wish (EG. New upcoming album, new movie etc). Host will then begin the interview.

After the recording

– We will then email you asking for a photo we can use for the front page of our website.

– You can then ask for the final episode after recording.