Feelin’ Anchored

Whenever your life may feel rough or the ride’s going smoothly, The Feelin’ Anchored Podcast is here to get you through it. Giving you advice based on personal stories and helping you get through your own life events, help us help you if you’re feeling anchored and listen in.

We’re looking for a Podcast Host!

Hey there 😉 have you been wanting to have your own podcast? Swayz Podcast are here to help, we’re currently seeking a new Podcast Host for the Podcast, Feelin’ Anchored. As a Podcast Host, you will also then take control of the Podcast. Swayz Podcasts will continue to edit/manage the show but you will be then in charge of content, episodes, schedule, guests etc and everything else along with the show. Want more information about the Podcast/What it entails? Drop us an email on

Are you Feelin’ Anchored?

Our send-in/get involved tools will be here when the show is ready. If you have a mental health or emergency crisis, please do not resort to Feelin’ Anchored or any Swayz Podcast, please find below a list of helplines/support options.

Help and Support

If you are currently struggling with your mental health or you’re needing someone to talk to, here are some organisations that will listen and help you. There may be some more local organisations to your area.

Befrienders – Befrienders are carefully selected volunteers, from a variety of organisations and mental health charities, who are trained to provide support and companionship to lonely, or emotionally distressed, people.

International Association for Suicide – The International Association for Suicide Prevention is dedicated to preventing suicide and suicidal behaviour and alleviating its effects. IASP leads the global role in suicide prevention by strategically developing an effective forum that is proactive in creating strong collaborative partnerships and promoting evidence-based action in order to reduce the incidence of suicide and suicidal behaviour.

Mind – United Kingdom – Mind offers information and advice to people with mental health problems.

Teen Line – Teen Line provides support, resources, and hope to young people through a hotline of professionally trained teen counselors.

List of Suicide Crisis Lines – Wikipedia Page for Worldwide Suicide Hotlines.

Mental Health Resources – Wikipedia Page for Mental Health Resources.