Charlie’s back!

Here to bring you an all new podcast, The Weekly Wave. The show as in Charlie’s words “The show where I sit on call to a random person with a few followers each week and let the world listen in.”

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Swayz Podcasts

Welcome to The Weekly Wave! A show where each week, we sit on call with some familiar faces and pretty much just ask them questions. We also give you the chance to ask your own questions via The Swayz Podcast’s website, be the first to know via Instagram @WeeklyWavePod. Coming soon.

Feelin’ Anchored. Whenever your life may feel rough or the ride’s going smoothly, The Feelin’ Anchored Podcast is here to get you through it. Giving you advice based on personal stories and helping you get through your own life events, help us help you if you’re feeling anchored and listen in.

Help! I Have A Confession. Ever felt like wanting to share your confession to the world? Send it our way for our podcast hosts Charlie and Ruby to react too and tell you what they think about your confession and even get the listeners reactions too! Send in your confessions via Swayz Podcast’s website. Coming Soon.

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