No Upcoming Events

No tickets to display here. This is because there are no upcoming events or tickets haven’t gone on sale yet. If you’re looking for tickets to an online live show, please find ‘Ticket’ button on The Podcast Page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is presale?

Tickets on ‘Presale’ are only available to a specific group of people. Meaning VIPS, Invited Guests and Supporters (membership required on Supporter Site). These can happen from up to one week earlier from General Sale

How do I use my presale code?

You must have an account on Swayz Podcasts before being able to purchase tickets with presale code. Then, please click on the correct show above and you will be redirected to the show’s ticket page and will be asked to enter your six digit pin. These can only be entered once so make sure that you only use your code when you plan to purchase tickets.

Sharing these codes is prohibited.